Buy puppies near me: For over 25 years Dogs And Puppies are breeding and placing supper adorable puppies, Dogs And Puppies and other breeds of puppies to loving homes across NY City, l. a. , San Francisco , Washington D.C., Dallas, and across the U.S. But, quite just a service, Dogs And Puppies could also be a community of dog lovers whose mission is to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes. The Dogs And Puppies brand, with puppies at the center , is rooted within the assumption that dogs should be celebrated, and owners got to experience trust, confidence and transparency when finding out their new companions.

With a screened and vetted network of responsible breeders, Dogs And Puppies makes fetching your new ally a simple and enjoyable experience. Dogs And Puppies uses a customized approach that caters to the wants of those in search of a replacement furry friend also because the breeders who try to seek out their puppies’ forever homes. Buy puppies near me, Each breeder within the Dogs And Puppies community is held to the absolute best standards, with health and safety for all dogs (not just puppies) as top priorities.

For quite 25 years the Dogs And Puppies are rearing and setting remarkable Dogs And Puppies canines in cherishing homes across USA. we’ve possessed and raised Dogs And Puppies for years now .We have such an adoration for this great, steadfast variety. We raise Blues, Blacks, Fawns and Brindle.

Buy puppies near me, We have an honest guarantee of our puppies to be in healthiness at the time of sale, free from any life threatening congenital defects/infectious disease (ie: Heart, Kidney, Lung failure, Parvo etc.). Everything possible has been done to remain each and every puppy/dog healthy and happy Dogs And Puppies has well trained Veterinarians to cater for the work.


Driving a puppy during a car for several hours are often very stressful for the puppy. Also, transporting a pet during a car isn’t ideal since it’s very dangerous when not handled professionally. Buy puppies near me, We do care about our puppies such tons which is why we always chose to handle the delivery of our puppies by ourselves to all or any or any our clients who got to drive 6 hours or more to urge to us. We once had a very bad experience where a client from Arizona picked up a puppy from us and while driving home, he decided to urge some food and refuel at a gas station . He left our puppy locked up within the car within the warmth therefore the puppy suffocated and died before he could make it to his car. that’s why we do handle the shipping process ourselves because we all know it’ll be professionally done. Plus, we are during a crisis now and it’s risky for you traveling so far because most are expected to stay indoors many |to avoid wasting”> to save lots of lots of lives.

We do ship your puppy to the closest airport in your location after which the puppy is then delivered to your home address, so you’re doing not need to leave your home to travel and devour the puppy from the airport. This process is professionally handled by the agent who is responsible of shipping and delivering your puppy in perfect health condition. We chose air transport because it’s the fastest and it’s less stressful for the puppy.

We do issue you the flight schedule of the puppy after we ship him so as that you simply need to know the time he arrives in your city. So we advise you to be reception an hour or two after the puppy lands in your city because the delivery van will definitely be bringing the puppy to your home address. Once the puppy is delivered to your home address, we expect you to seem at the puppy physically to make sure he has not been injured or maltreated in any way. Buy puppies near me, You shall need your government-issued ID card of Drivers’ license to identify yourself before signing to collect the puppy. Please inform offer us a call once you get your puppy and also don’t forget to debate our website. Thanks for your cooperation which we wish you the only along side your new beloved.