Delivery Service


We are happy to offer our delivery service straight to your door!

Buy Dogs and puppies: We will happily deliver your new puppy to you for a fee of $1.20 per mile for a round trip! We guarantee that your baby makes it to you safe and sound!

Illustration of our conveyance administration charge:
Hypothetically, say we have a client in Roanoke, VA that has mentioned that we convey their pup to them!

From Chattanooga, TN to Roanoke, VA is 370 miles, with a charge of $1.20 a mile. 370 miles x $1.20 per mile = $444

Seeing as we charge for a full circle, that number gets multiplied, considering the outing from Roanoke, VA back to Chattanooga, TN is as yet 370 miles.

Thusly, the all out cost for our conveyance administration, going from Chattanooga, TN to Roanoke, VA and afterward returning would be a sum of $888.

Flying our doggies
Previously, we have not offered flight administration because of them being flown with freight and the dangers implied, in any case, we have as of late tied down doggy flight babysitters to go with our little dogs as they are traveled to you! We are extremely energized that we presently have this accessible and have caretakers that the two we and you can trust for flying with our infants! We charge an expense for your little dog to be traveled to you, which is paid upon the protected conveyance of your new doggy! Your pup will be in the protected hands of our babysitters, as well as in their seats with them, for the whole flight! We will likewise have a gathering talk between you, your doggy babysitter, and Jan to keep you refreshed during the excursion!